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Why use our Interim  Management Services?

Flexible managers who are available immediately within ten working days of deciding to proceed, and with the minimum of recruitment or termination formalities.

Insightful and effective managers. Achieves rapid results. Interim managers are over-skilled for the job and focus on realizing results. Expert knowledge, the interim manager provides the required skills and a fresh insight.

Cost-effective solution.  The client only pays for days worked. There are no additional costs to you for National Insurance, Pension, Holidays, Sickness, recruitment fee or termination.

Enhances the management team. An interim manager will  bring a very experienced  external view and will transfer a huge amount of skill and experience to your team. Professionals with excellent  project management skills and objective viewpoint.

Changes can be implement. Gaps filled. Projects managed.  
An interim manager will develop much more than just recommendations, he or she will take full ownership and responsibility for the implementation.

Improves focus. Clear definition of key milestones, regular progress
reports and measurement of performance.

Supporting network. To ensure success it is our policy to provide a significant level of over-skill in the selection of an Interim Manager combined with access to vital supporting networks.


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